Top Ten Tips for Proper Second Life Etiquette

One of the best things about Second Life is that you can meet people from all walks of life and from many different countries. With such a wide blend of cultures and nationalities, it’s to the communities credit. But more often than not, people get along well The usual real-life courtesies apply in Second Life like being polite, but there are a few additional ones that are unique to virtual life. Etiquette is the set of universal rules that layout custom polite behaviors in around the globe, or among a specific group of individuals. It’s all about respect. Of course, respect needs to be earned. We call this “SLetiquette” in Second Life. It refers to general politeness and reasonable behavior. It’s as important in a virtual world as it is in real life. This article gives you a few guidelines to follow to avoid making mistakes when meeting other residents.

Following the below tips will enhance your Second Life experience, and make it much more enjoyable when interacting with fellow avatars. The foundation of this type of respective behavior should also occur within interactions of any type of social or professional network, such as the social network Facebook, the professional network LinkedIn, medical communication platforms such as, relationship-based network Tinder, and many other software based platforms that provide a social online presence.

The top ten tips for proper Second Life “SLetiquette” are the following:

  • Be friendly and polite. Building a good reputation takes time, but building a bad reputation takes no time at all!
  • Get to know someone before sending a friend request. Always ask if it’s okay beforehand.
  • Avoid asking personal real-life questions about age, gender, or location. Anonymity is important to many in Second Life, and these questions can seem impolite. Residents can be anything they choose to be, so an avatar ’s appearance may or may not reflect their real-life characteristics.
  • Avoid gossip and drama it will make your second life much easier. Would you say something to a person’s face that you would deem offensive? If not, don’t say it to anyone. All written communications in Second Life can be logged and referred to later.
  • Don’t send anyone items before asking if they want them.
  • Spamming people with teleport requests, even if you’re inviting them to the best dance club in the universe, is considered rude.
  • Always IM individuals first to ask if they’d like to teleport.
  • Second Life is made up of a wide range of communities with different lifestyles and rules. Learn and listen before you say or do something that may offend others or make you look foolish.
  • Avoid using profanities, especially in more formal locations. If you really want to say something profane, make sure it will be acceptable to the residents you’re communicating with first.
  • Be forgiving. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and keep in mind that there are people from all over the globe in Second Life. What’s perfectly acceptable in one culture may be offensive to another.

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