Silver Lining Hunt – [CIRCA] Living_Thanks Cherelle

22769 ~ [femme] Anastasia silverlininghunt prize_Thanks Paco

even.flow – Classic Heels floral silver _Thanks yingy

estatica Silver Lining Hunt_Table and frame_ Thanks estatica

Silver Lining GIFT from Pestique_Thanks Sara

The Silver Lining hunt is the second hunt in a series based on a monochrome colour palette. This time round, the colour palette is grey/ silver.

The hunt runs from Nov 24th to Dec 09th and features 25 gifts from a diverse range of stores: from fashion to decor, from accessories to poses, there’s something for everyone.

Each gift cost a minimal 5L$

Thanks to Mauricette and all designers!

Readers enjoy the hunt ;)

You can check the participating stores here

Starting point


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