Japanese Anime

The word Anime has been floating around for a while. Its actual meaning is an abbreviation for the Japanese word for animation. However, for the rest of the world, it has become synonymous with all Japanese animation. Anime has a very recognisable style within its artwork and cultural nuances. For most people, it is the beautiful big eyes very popular in anime. Highly popular with adults it is not afraid of tackling sophisticated and complex issues. Anime is not really a genre as some people see it, it encompasses far more than that, it can be comedic, moralistic, cultural, violent or passive. The artwork ranges for simple to hugely complex as does the storylines; there is no limit to the subjects that Anime explores either for fun or to send a message.

The Growth Of Anime

The oldest Japanese anime is ‘The Dull Sword’ produced in 1917, to celebrate 100 years of anime history the Japanese Film Centre held a festival displaying the width and breath of anime. Included in the festival is the re-digitalised version of The Dull Sword. Japanese anime was discovered by the West in the late 1980’s and became an International phenomenon with millions of fans worldwide. Why is anime so popular? It’s different is what the fans say, it has a fresh approach nd is not afraid to challenge anything. Short or long anime productions are all about engaging with its audience, emotionally connecting with them through the variety of genres its uses. Whatever style is your favourite you can find a counter in anime. Die hard Sci -fi fans can enjoy ‘Planetes’. Love TV cop shows? Check out ‘Ghost in the Shell’. You can even find the classics in anime.

Will Anime Continue?

The answer is yes, as anime adapts and grows we have seen this over the last 100 years. A lot of Japanese history and what can be learnt from it can be viewed through the scope of anime, and that is not transferring to other cultures. Fim makers and animators around the world are adapting anime to their environments. Parents are introducing their children to anime cartoons, although do check out distributors ratings as some aspects may not be suitable for young children. A popular one for children is, of course, the well-known ‘Pok√©mon’. Another aspect that is increasing in the world of anime is collectables, and you can now see anime collectables online. Looking for original anime figures and models? You can also find examples of anime history here and on a variety of online auction websites.

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