Skin - [ROCKBERRY] Mira~Haunted _Gacha_new_Thanks Heather

~NEW~12 skins in 4 tones
Includes freckles on all layers

Hair - [Castellian] Iris Hair _new_Thanks Mariah

Sway’s picture frame [Spider] _Special Halloween Gift:_new_Thanks Sway

picture frame spider web with a cute little spider
space for 3 of your pictures

Mesh + Material | Li 1| copy + modify | free

all items are original Mesh.

Top - DCNY_Web Kitty Set_Purple_Bewbapalooza item _ Thanks Anessa

DCNY Mesh_Leather Leggings_Black

Bewbapalooza, this time it is Halloween themed, and that means a little bit of fun from DCNY. Released today are a cute ‘Web Kitty’ set that includes a rigged mesh corset style top with optional tango applier, spiderweb motif, and a 3-D spider you can add to make it even more scary! Also included – a kitten ear headband wrapped in more spiderwebs and home to another little 8 legged friend! (Available in 5 colors.)

Eyes - [UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes gacha _new_Thanks Keiba

*Eon eye gacha at LEGION event
In Halloween theme colours!
10 colours, 2 rare to collect!!

[UMEBOSHI] Mirror 2 eyes gift -Gold Aqua-_Thanks Keiba


2 Responses to Iris

  1. Voshie Paine says:

    I don’t know if you know but this hair is stolen from a sims custom content creator named newsea.

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