This month’s round of FaMESHed is absolutely outstanding with talented creators bringing you an amazing and eclectic style for all your needs! Check out below who we have this month!





Trompe Loeil – Gramercy Bedroom Suite Gray/ML PG [mesh]_Fameshed item_Thanks Cory

About : Right-click and “Sit” on the bed to activate the animated pose system. A menu will appear in the top right-hand corner of your screen and you can choose from the available categories of animations: Solo, Couples, Solo {A} and Couples {A} (last two are Adult version only). You can also use this menu to adjust the positioning of any animation for your avatar and save these settings for future use.
The bed also offers a security system to prevent unauthorized use. While sitting on the bed, click the [SECURITY] button to cycle through the three available security settings: Owner Only, Group Only, or All.
If you dismiss the animation menu and need to bring it up again, click the wood bedframe.
To use the drawers/lid (tables/steamer trunk), simply click the drawer or lid. Click again to close.
Lamps: Click the bulb or metal “candle” section of the lamp to turn the light and glow on and off. The lamps are set for anyone to use.




.lame – Peggy’s Patio_Fameshed item_Thanks Divine



The Loft  – Idledale  Working Room_Fameshed item_Thanks Nardya

About : The Loft  – Idledale  Working Room By Nardya Rousselot
• High detail 100% mesh (35 total prims)
• Interactive Chair with 13 animations for both men and women.
This is a 100% mesh structure, very high detailed and reasonably low prim.  For best viewing options make sure your LOD is set to at least 4.00.  If you have any questions as to how to change your LOD and ways to improve your mesh settings refer to the bottom of this NC.



:CP: Wanderer Bookshelf _Fameshed item_Thanks Isla


Rebel Hope / (LaRoo) / Hucci / – Glam Affair – / Emery / ISPACHI / COCO / [Gos] Boutique
The Secret Store / LeNox / Cheeky Pea / lame. / erratic / Trompe Loeil / e! Apparel
NYU / Auxiliary / Wasabi Pills / Maxi Gossamer / House of London / Tableau Vivant
(Cracked Mirror) / Tee*fy / Valentina E. / FANATIK / floorplan / MOLiCHiNO
The Loft / floorplan.




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